GBSR - Snowmobile Ride For Dad - 2015 GBSR - Snowmobile Ride For Dad - 2015 Leaving at 10:30 from the Knights of Columbus Hall in beautiful Penetanguishene, the sleds paraded through Penetanguishene, down the Mid-Pen link to and along the great Rotary Waterfront Trail, in Midland, then on to the Comfort Inn Midland. 197808300 The Comfort Inn provided a perfect location for all to regroup and plan their Ride. 197808279 197808280 197808281 197808282 While the main group blasted off through Tiny Township and on to Christian Island, experiencing the recently plowed ice road across and on to the famous tip of the island lighthouse, other family groups took a more leisurely ride through beautiful Awenda Park. 197808283 197808284 197808285 197808286 197808287 197808288 197808289 Arriving back to the warmth and comfort of the Knights of Columbus Hall all experienced a delicious chicken souvlaki dinner, catered by Phil's Casual Dining of Penetanguishene. Raffle prizes rounded off the great evening, along with the announcement of another successful Ride, with (in excess of) $3500 profits being passed on through Ride For Dad Canada, to Prostate Canada Fight Foundation. 197808309 Many thanks to our sponsors!! 197808310